Are You Making This Expensive Car Wash Mistake?

Many people washing their vehicles use a circular cleaning motion. Here's why that is a bad idea...

If you happen to get a small piece of grit in the mitt that you are washing with, rubbing in a circular motion will create noticeable swirl marks all over your vehicle and make it more difficult to repair. Instead, use straight lines and try to follow the shape of the panel you are cleaning. This way, if you do happen to trap some grit that damages your paint while washing, the damage is a lot less obvious and easier to correct.

Other mistakes in the photo above:

1. Washing the top and bottom of the vehicle together. Instead, start at the top, wash and rinse that area before moving to the next section - working section by section to the lower part of your vehicle. This helps to lessen the chance for grit from the bottom of your vehicle to get transferred to the top.

2. Don't use a sponge. A sponge's flat surface allows small particles to become trapped between the sponge and your car's paintwork which can result in the fine scratching and swirl marks. Instead, use a car washing mitt or microfiber towel.

3. Use a separate mitt or microfiber towel for the wheels. Your tire and wheels are usually the dirtiest part of your vehicle and using separate cleaning supplies helps reduce the risk of transferring that grit to your paint.

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