Why You Shouldn't Buy Gas on Saturdays

Americans have been getting hit hard at the pump with average gasoline prices in the U.S. up 50 cents per gallon since January. With many metro areas across the nation seeing the largest seasonal rise in prices since 2012, GasBuddy, today released a new study that found the best and worst days of the week to buy gas to maximize savings and avoid the lines during the busy summer travel season.

For Missouri, their study found that Tuesdays typically have the best prices and Saturdays are the most expensive.

What about waiting in line? GasBuddy also analyzed GasBuddy foot traffic data in the same timeframe and found that gas stations across the country are least busy on Sundays, followed by Mondays. Friday is the busiest day, with 5pm being the busiest time for gas stations nationwide.

"Our data shows that filling up on a Monday/Tuesday morning each week can collectively save drivers $2.1 billion and avoid the possibility of playing bumper cars at the pumps," says DeHaan.

Commuters looking to avoid the lines should fill-up on Monday or Tuesday between 7 - 10 a.m.

Individual state and city insights can be found here:

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