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August 2019
Hi - In this issue:
Why Kate is Selling Her Chevy (This will crack you up)
"Seriously, this is a fine truck its just not a...
3 Costly Results from Poor Tire Alignment
Hitting a pothole or a speed bump too fast, hitting a curb, being in an accident, and sometimes just...
How to Super Clean the INSIDE of Your Windshield without Streaks
From the secret technique to reach the edges to how to eliminate streaks, Chris Fix shares his top tips.
2019 Jeep Wrangler Most Awarded Car of 2019
Beating out more than 350 automotive models available in the marketplace today to win the title.
Introducing Dodge Power Dollars
Watch the most unique offer the industry has ever seen. We believe John and Horace would approve.
Lost Dog Comes Home with Another Dog and a Goat
This is the funny moment a missing black Labrador returns home with...
Traveling with Kids Just Got Easier
I always like to share new travel gadgets that I run across and thought this new luggage/stroller was a great idea.
Do You Have a Car (and a Kid) Heading to College?
Sending a student off with a vehicle can create even more worry and stress. Here are some vehicle tips to offer a little peace-of-mind for everyone.